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Owning a converted campervan is growing in popularity. Find out the advantages of owning a camper and how we can help you!

Converted Campervan Advantages

Since 2018, the number of vans being converted has increased by 2,500 and it is continuing to steadily increase in popularity, so you can imagine the many potential benefits. There has never been a better time to start your journey of having a campervan conversion. With overseas travel uncertain at this time, this is the safest way to travel. This year would certainly be the best to discover the beautiful British countryside, all while being self contained. We can help with our campervan conversion Packages here at Somerset Campervan Company.

A main advantage of  converting a van from scratch is that you get complete freedom on the interior design. From choosing colours to materials and which appliances you want to have, this experience is completely personal to you. Being able to have it converted to your specific requirements and to be able to fulfil your exact needs is a defining advantage. By being able to customise your van completely, you can tailor the materials to fit your budget.

Converting a van into a campervan can be expensive, however in the long run the conversion will save you money. By not needing extra accommodation such as hotels, or needing to buy travel tickets, owning a campervan can turn the expensive experience of booking a holiday into an stress-free and cheaper one.

Internal features available to you

Creating a custom conversion can include various key features,  many of which we include in our campervan conversion packages. You can implement these into your campervan, giving you complete freedom in creating what you would like. Some of the most common are a Pop Top Roof, which holds a double roof bed. This enables two people to sleep comfortably and safely. This can be available in many different colours.

A Rock ‘n’ Roll bed can also be included. With two legal driving seats that easily convert into a comfortable bed to sleep two. This is the best option for something that combines a bed and seats.

For privacy and to keep the daylight out, you can fit curtains and curtain rails.

For the floor you can have custom options such as rubber backed laminate, which means it’s moisture resistance. This is available in many different colours and designs. Four way stretch can be added on the walls for added comfort and extra warmth.

Another key feature is the kitchen units. These are storage units with work surface space on top and a double gas hob. It also includes an electric pump tap sink and water tank built into the units. Also included is a 50L fridge and small freezer within it. You also have the option of a removable table, which can be put up and taken down very simply.

External features

An external connection point and 240V cable can be wired in by qualified technicians. Inside the campervan there are USB and three pin sockets available, so you can stay charged.

Another key feature is lighting. Spotlight and map lighting can be wired by qualified technicians. Also there would be a control panel which can control not only the lighting but also water, heating, and electricity.

There is the option of having an Autoterm diesel heater which connects to the fuel tank. This enables climate control for the campervan.

Finally, you can add solar panels, which generate and provide electricity for off-the-grid exploring.

So how can Somerset Campervan Company help?

Our full campervan conversion package includes everything listed above. With prices starting from £12,995. Within this first package, you would supply the van. So, you would bring us your chosen van and then pick all the colour options that are available. This makes the experience completely customisable for your needs and desires. After you have picked the colour options, our qualified technicians fit everything.  As soon as they have done this, you are free to take your new campervan and explore!

If you don’t have a van already, we can help. Our next package is the source and convert. This means that we will source the van you would like. You can still be in control, we just help the process by sourcing a van. Next, you would discuss which conversion options are available to you with our sales team, and what would suit your needs best. Then our team would fit the discussed conversion. When they have completed this, you are free to take your conversion and start your new journey.

Our final package is the part conversion. This would be best used when you only want certain parts fitted. In this process you could pick which parts from our available six, these include: Pop Up Roof, diesel heater, kitchen units, front swivel seats, Rock ‘n’ Roll beds, and solar panels. However, if there was a different part you had in mind, please contact us, a member of our team would be happy to help. Once you’ve chosen what you are after, our team will supply and fit the parts.

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Campervan conversions are very popular right now and the popularity is only going to increase.  Here at Somerset Campervan Company we would be more than happy to help you start the journey in creating a campervan by using either the Full Conversion, Source and Convert or Part Campervan Conversion packages.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.