Alpicool K25 12v Compressor Fridge, Top Loading 25 Litres, Cools to -20c



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The perfect camping fridge, in reviewing this model we have found it operates at efficiencies comparable to the Waeco CF-25 a model that is over double the price. It ticks all the right boxes, it’s quiet, easy to operate, robust and a compact size with great built quality.

The size of the unit in particular is useful to campers, the 12v power adapter can be plugged into a cigarette lighter type 12v socket, and it can also be run off mains power via a 3 pin plug adaptor. The auto cut off feature means that the fridge will cut out before it flattens your battery too far, this is especially important if you don’t have a leisure battery and are relying on your car battery via the cigarette lighter socket.

After all no-one wants to be stuck in a field with a flat battery, unable to start their car!

Cools to -20c

Built in USB phone charger,

Bluetooth connectivity via the Alpicool app

Stylish yet portable design

Touch control digital temperature settings

Interior light

Auto cut off battery protection

Max and Eco modes for power efficiency

Comes with 12v and 240v adapters

Low power consumption averaging 1 amp/h, (12 watts on D/C)

Excellent built quality Larger internal compartment –

W 330mm,

H 280mm,

D 260mm

Length – 575mm,

Height 345mm,

Depth 340mm

Our new campervan showroom and accessory shop will be opening very soon. 

Our new campervan showroom and accessory shop will be opening very soon. 

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