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ReVace Awning Rail for VW T5/6, Transit Custom, Trafic, Vivaro or Universal Vans – Black – WITH LED



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The new ReVace Awning rail has been designed to offer multi features to make your camping trip more enjoyable. These are most suited to SWB vehicles.

This new Design Registered product should prove popular with campers and touring campervans alike. Function with a stylish finish and straight forward to install. The kit comes with comprehensive fitting instructions.

The led light is a particularly useful addition, casting a strong warm light underneath your awning, perfect for easily finding your way around your awning once the sun has set. Even without an awning attached the light strip is great for casting a cosy light onto your outside seating areas. No more having to navigate outside your van with a head torch in the pitch black.


2650mm Aluminium design.

Tapered end caps for a stylish, moulded fit.

2.2m LED water proof led strip (Available with or without led strip)

Rail accepts threaded hangers – supplied. (perfect for hanging wetsuits or threading a washing line)

Accommodates both 6mm and 4mm kadar strip or awning flange

Water channel to redirect water on to front windscreen (perfect for elevating roof run off water)

Included in kit.

2650mm Aluminium awning rail

2 x flexible end caps

2 x threaded hangers

Fixing adhesive

Led kit if chosen;

2200mm led waterproof strip pre fitted to awning.

3m cable

Inline fuse and fuse holder

20mm led light switch

electrical crimps, heat shrink and conduit.

Available in powder coated satin black.

The rail will accept either a 6mm or 4mm awning flange or kadar strip.

Our new campervan showroom and accessory shop will be opening very soon. 

Our new campervan showroom and accessory shop will be opening very soon. 

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